Tequila is often associated with heavily inebriated partygoers licking salt and slamming back a shot before wincing as their teeth sink into a slice of lemon, but one Mexican wants to change all this by promoting possibly the highest quality tequila in Vietnam.

Tequila Time for Saigon Renowned brand Tequila Patron sent its Asia Pacific ambassador, Milton Alatorre, to the serene setting of The Boathouse in D2

Renowned brand Tequila Patron sent its Asia Pacific ambassador, Milton Alatorre, to the serene setting of The Boathouse in District 2 on Wednesday (July 29) to tell people why drinking his company’s tequila will guarantee you a pleasant evening and surprisingly clear-headed morning. 

Like the soothing Saigon River flowing next to the outdoor restaurant, the night went wonderfully smoothly, and with an incredible menu of Mexican classics, served along side unique tequila cocktails such as Cucumber Twist and Saigon Heat with Patron Reposado, this was no surprise. 

“It’s really really beautiful here,” says Alatorre. “I’m pretty sure this will feel like the profile we’re looking for, to get in some venues with a high end level. This is one of the best places I visited in Saigon.

“Basically I travel around the region, promoting the brand and doing educational work about the product, teaching more about the drink itself and why patron is different from other brands.”

Skilled Jimadors, the name for farmers who harvest the plants, work steadily in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico to uproot only the finest blue agave and use a sharp tool called a coa to reveal the plant’s core, the pina. 

The pinas are hand chopped and baked before being crushed by a roller mill to release their sweet juices. 

It’s then fermented for three days, distilled and placed in a variety of handmade barrels to age, creating a range of artisan and premium products made from 100 percent agave.

“Since the beginning the company just focused on producing high end and premium tequila,” says Alatorre.

“We try to keep in a very traditional way: the bottles are hand made from recycled glass, the boxes are from recycled paper.

“There is a potential market here in Vietnam. We know that people get some cheap products but they are also looking for high end and premium products to drink and enjoy.

“We are confident that the image and the presence within the bars in Vietnam will increase probably from two three times more than what we sell now.

“There is a big misconception about tequila. Most people have the idea tequila is a cheap low quality product (drank) just to get drunk.

“Once you get to know all the varieties you have with tequila and once you have a product like Patron you can really spend the whole night drinking and the next day you will not have a hangover.

“This is one of the few things that makes a big difference between tequila (made from) 100 percent agave and (other) tequilas.”

“Of course, I love tequila. My favourite one is Patron Silver, the basic tequila after double distillation. For me it’s really really tasty, the more you drink it the sweeter you find it.”

Patron is distributed in Vietnam by Lighthouse Group Indochina, www.lighthousegroupindochina.com