Thai Cong restaurant is all about light, quality food, attentive service, and an intriguing interior. By Mathilde Dujardin. Photos by Vinh Dao.

THÁI CÔNG restaurant’s relaxing atmosphere suits its array of patrons, from the early work commuters to the romantic couples in the evenings.

But meticulous attention to detail has gone into creating this easy-going ambience. 

Waiters are told never to ask their customers to repeat orders; the tables are lower than usual to make leaning in for a chat easier, and you will never see a napkin stiffly set upright.

It’s the brainchild of designer Thai Cong who launched The WAREHOUSE, an adjoining home store, last June.

The kitchen serves all of Thai Cong’s favourite food and the menu has everything, from schnitzel to sushi, boasting enough diversity to please the international crowd.

Out of the 35 or so smaller dishes, we enjoyed avocado, salmon and shrimp salad (VND 220,000), which was light, tasty and sprinkled with green beans.

The small courses were presented on a three-racked tray; perfect for grazing and sharing. On another level of the tray was Pomelo salad with pork, shrimp and prawn crackers, or goi buoi tom thit (VND 120,000).

Small Vietnamese dishes include tom hoang kim – fried shrimp with salted duck eggs (VND 120,000).

There’s also a lashing of Continental bliss. From it, we chose pork schnitzel (VND 320,000) – probably one of the heaviest things on the menu. It came with a choice of sauces, and we decided on blue cheese.

A dream partnership: juicy, bread-coated meat smothered in potent cheesy sauce, enjoyed in a non-smoking restaurant.

“The Warehouse effortlessly combines a state of the art venue with luxury and timeless design,” says marketing director Thomas Johan Henning.

“It creates an experience that is both stylishly intimate yet spacious enough to meet and surpass all your function or event requirements including breakfast, lunch and dinner settings.”

We lift our nostrils to the next waft of herbs swimming through the room. It’s coming from a machine near the till which always pumps out subtle, pleasant fragrances.

There’s also a good choice of breakfast items such as ‘Little Breakfast Buffet’ which runs from 7.30am to 10am. The option includes all-you-can-eat croissants, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and fruit salad along with hot drinks for VND 160,000.

The extravagant weekend-only champagne breakfast (VND 1,390,000 plus VND 1 million more if you want to buy the whole bottle) chimes with the restaurant’s outside champagne bar, and the place’s slogan: ‘drink champagne and dance on the table’.

In other words, don’t be self-conscious here, and don’t forget to wander around the store afterwards and treat your eyes to a separate home store feast.

215 Nguyen Van Huong, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 09 8878 8215
7.30am – 11pm