Thailand and Asia’s Metal Scene

By The Baron

Things seem to be going well for the growing metal scene in Asia, thanks in part to musicians like Thai metal band Carnivora. Formed in 2004, the three-man outfit hails from Bangkok and identifies itself as an extreme metal band. Hand Asian Tribes, Carnivora’s one and only album, to a metal listener however, and that person might call it thrash death metal. Still, Carnivora is wise to identify itself as such, since extreme metal tends to be a broader genre, allowing the band to explore more musically instead of being pigeonholed into one small sub-genre.

Coming in at just over 50 minutes, Asian Tribes is 11 tracks of satisfying thrash death metal sound. As the title suggests, Carnivora puts its Asian roots on proud display throughout, tweaking the familiar riffs of the metal genre with tribal influences here and there, as in ‘Tribal Conflicts’. Other tracks like ‘The Renegade’ are pure, perfect examples of this unique sub-genre, filled with chest-rattling drumbeats and edgy riffs. From beginning to end, guitarist and lead singer Lakfah Sarsakul’s deep, growling vocals fuel each song, charging forward through a perfect storm of heavy drums and cutting riffs.

Apart from the great thrash death metal tunes created by Carnivora, the band’s logo reflects the thrash death essence and, of course, their album title embodies Asian roots. The band regularly tours throughout Asia, recently sharing a stage in Bangkok with other metal acts such as British Meat Train. At present, Asian Tribes is only available at local Thai music shops, however you can also check out the band’s YouTube channel at CARNIVOLA ASIANTRIBE, which features videos and audio recordings of most of the band’s songs. If you want to listen to how Thai metal bands sound, Carnivora is an exemplary start.