The Wanderlusters release Bamboo Hotline

The Wanderlusters, Saigon’s favorite Hillbillies, launch their second album Bamboo Hotline, available on CD Baby.

The Bamboo Hotline is a term used by ex-pats living in Southeast Asia to describe the speed in which information, (mostly gossip) is spread amongst the community. This album features an array of instruments and grooves. From straight ahead Blue-Grass to Heavy Hitting Blues to Jazz to Country Ballads to Reggae, and even a New Orleans march groove with Vietnamese lyrics. This album features three traditional Vietnamese instruments, the Dan Bau (mono string chordaphone), the Dan Nhi (2 stringed violin), and the To Rung (bamboo xylophone) as well as banjo, mandolin, dobro, acoustic and electric guitars and basses, accordion, drums, percussion, keyboards, and even squeaky ducks.

The Wanderlusters are a collaboration of Hillbilly Soul musicians based in Saigon, Vietnam, playing original Americana roots music that draws heavily from Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Blues, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Some members are wanted by the law, others by jealous husbands, and some have just plain “gone missing” over the years. Their love of travel and song brought them together and Southeast Asia continues to fuel their sound and creativity.

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