Brainchild of Saskia de Knegt, the WOO concept was conceived in 2009 and launched in 2012.  Meaning ‘Worlds of Opportunities’ WOO is a premium impact brand offering luxury lifestyle products to socially conscious consumers.Their innovative, constantly expanding range of products includes exquisite home fragrances, delicate personal care products, fashion accessories, premium wearables, and more.

Believing in simplicity of design, their products are both sophisticated and powerful, handcrafted by local artisans and made from authentic ingredients. Whenever possible, up-cycled materials are used for production, working towards sustainability and taking care to leave minimal impact on the environment.

Launched as a social enterprise, WOO connects the privileged with the disenfranchised through their unique range of luxury products. By bringing value to those who buy her products, Saskia creates sustainable benefits to the artisans who make them, through shared skills and knowledge, and access to a world of opportunity. Through building prosperous communities, WOO strives to impact positively the lives of 1 million people over the next ten years.

Constantly searching for new products to bring to new markets, WOO sets new standards for luxury. Their designs are simple and stylish, supported by a strong brand that instantly encapsulates the ethnicity of our global tribes.

WOO’s flagship product, a collection of scented candles, tells the story of their brand. Made from recycled bottles handpicked by disadvantaged collectors in Vietnam, they provide a sustainable source of income and empowerment to those who have fewer opportunities in life. The carefully crafted bottles tell a unique story as they are filled with a delicate mix of bees wax and sustainably sourced vegetable waxes.

Each candle’s wick is made in Germany from a unique blend of natural cotton, guaranteeing longevity and steady burning throughout its life. As the candle’s journey comes to an end, you will find a lucky coin placed carefully at the base of the bottle, reminding us all that life is there to embrace and enjoy while the flame still flickers.

The love and respect at the heart of WOO’s brand extends throughout the company and how they do business. At each stage of their supply chain, they attempt to add value to the community.

An expert in mobilising people and ideas, Saskia says, “this is about self-realisation, growing together, and creating a better world so that we can all enjoy a better quality of life.”