Hate doing laundry? A few simple tricks could save you precious time and effort when cleaning your clothes.

Use the freezer
The refrigerator as a laundry aid? Yes, if you happen to own jeans, cashmere or wool items.

If your cashmere or wool sweaters are shedding, you can prevent this by sticking them in the freezer overnight. Not only does this stop them from shedding, it kills any pests that might have survived the washing process.

Most side-by-side or late-model refrigerators come with flexible compartments which can be rearranged to create a separate space to freeze clothing.

This is also useful for jeans that have developed bad odours. The low temperature in the freezer will kill most of the bacteria causing the smell, and you don’t have to worry about damage to the fabric from repeated washes.

Remedies from the kitchen
If you got caught in the rain and have wet shoes, place a satchel of plain rice in them. Rice absorbs moisture quickly and promotes a faster drying process. If you have spare silica crystal packs you can use those, too.

You can also fight grease stains with another everyday ingredient: corn starch. Just blot up as much oil as you can with a paper towel, then sprinkle corn starch onto the stain. It will absorb the oil and form a crust after a while. Gently brush it off – don’t spread the stain – before treating with laundry detergent and laundering the item.

Vodka vs. odours
Need a piece of clothing but have no time to wash it? Spray a small amount of vodka onto it and let it dry. This can eliminate strong odours, as the alcohol will kill any bacteria causing the smell.

Give your dryer a boost with towels
Reduce the time your dryer takes to dry laundry by using a clean, dry towel. Just place it in the dryer with your wet clothes and the dry towel will absorb any excess moisture in the drum, helping the appliance to do its job faster. Try out the above tricks and let me know how they have helped you.

Elizabeth Png is the retail and consumer business director at Hafele Vietnam. She can be contacted at elizabeth.png-reade@hafele.com.vn.