TnT BBQ delivery service brings slow-smoked meat and mouthwatering barbecue to your front door. By Ruben Luong. Photos by Fred Wissink.

Barbecue is ordinarily a backyard indulgence, but TnT BBQ makes it available at your doorstep.

Its kitchen in District 4 has a grill and three barbecue smokers, where perfect American pork ribs and chicken are slow smoked, but quickly delivered throughout the city. TnT is an acronym created from the last names of the owners, Californian Mark Ton, 37, and Oklahoman Logan Tisdale, 32. They opened four months ago wanting a homegrown barbecue business that could be synonymous with the best barbecue in Vietnam.

Hickory-smoked pork ribs, apple-smoked chicken, and pulled pork or chicken sandwiches can be ordered individually, but the combo (VND 125,000-VND 445,000) or family combo (VND 460,000-VND 880,000) comes with twice, triple, or quadruple the meat and two or three sides of your choice. Soon customers will be able to order a barbecue chicken salad and beef brisket.

Sides are nostalgic picnic dishes, such as bacon potato salad and minced veggies (VND 30,000), classic coleslaw (VND 30,000), and the most amazing cornbread (VND 30,000). The cornbread is so good that TnT even has a customer who orders a dozen pieces to eat over a few days. To wash it down, they offer Dr Pepper (VND 40,000) and Kool-Aid, which comes with a reusable bottle (VND 60,000).

Barbecue is Ton and Tisdale’s labour of love. They import American apple, cherry, and hickory woods for smoking, and are one of the few in town who slow smoke their meat. The hickory ribs require four hours of prep: they’re defrosted, bathed in a cajun mix marinade, smoked, soaked in a special wrap, and grilled by TnT’s Vietnamese grill master, Phat. The apple chicken is equally tedious, doused in TnT rub, roasted, and grilled to a charred perfection.

Being delivery-only, Ton and Tisdale have figured out all the kinks to delivering barbecue hot and fresh. Simple, reusable Tupperware or standard foil keeps meats and sides insulated. For the pulled pork sandwich, opt to separate the buns and pork to prevent sogginess. TnT’s drivers are friendly Vietnamese students who double check every order before heading out, and always carry the correct change with them.

TnT has a VND 20,000 delivery fee (free for orders from VND 200,000) and a minimum order for delivery of VND 100,000 — but you’ll have no problem ordering more than that.

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Monday-Friday; 11am-2pm, 5-10pm Saturday-Sunday; 11am-10pm