Toughest race in the world comes to Vietnam

Jungle Marathon, organiser of the legendary Jungle Marathon Brazil, has announced that the second race in its series, and its first in Asia, will take place in Vietnam.

The race, which was voted by CNN as the World’s Toughest Endurance Race, will be conducted between 31 May and 9 June, and represents the first time it has been held outside of Brazil.

“This phenomenal 10-day endurance test represents the supreme challenge to a very limited number of participants,” said race organiser Shirley Thompson, herself a veteran of Marathons des Sables, Trans 333, Verdon Gorge challenge, Guadarun, Yukon Arctic Ultra, and the Antarctica Ice Marathon. “The Jungle Marathon is a combination of sport, adventure and eco-tourism.”

Runners will get a taste of Vietnam’s natural ruggedness as they race through jungle, spend nights in caves where military and villagers often hid, and cross mountains and waterfalls. The marathon will follow parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and run close to the Laotian border before returning to Dong Hoi in central Quang Binh province.

An international field of 60 runners, who must carry all of their own food and water throughout the challenge, will cover a distance of more than 240km spread over six stages. This includes an over-night stage of an undisclosed distance. This huge test of mental and physical tenacity will sort the men from the boys as they struggle to keep moving, not knowing how far it is to the finish line.

A very limited number of entries are still available. Interested applicants should visit