Vietnam has 210 ultra-wealthy individuals

There are 210 ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWI) in Vietnam, according to recent findings from the World Ultra Wealth Report. UHNWI have net assets of at least USD $30 million.

Last summer, AsiaLIFE reported on the wealth divide in Vietnam, shedding light on the small but growing number of individuals who have managed to amass their own personal fortunes despite the fact that Vietnam was among the poorest nations 20 years ago. In June, there were 110 UHNWIs in Vietnam, with 90 of them based in Saigon, according to Knight Frank, a global real estate consultancy which publishes an annual report analysing the wealth and spending habits of UHNWIs across the globe. Additionally, Knight Frank believes that by 2023, Saigon’s number of ultra-wealthy will rise to 246 and make Vietnam the fastest-growing UHNWI population worldwide.

In the recent World Ultra Wealth Report findings, Asia’s population of ultra-wealthy individuals is expected to exceed that of Europe’s in 2027. Asia is currently home to the third-largest number of ultra-rich with 46,635 people (20 percent of the global total), following North America (74,865 people) and Europe (61,820 people).