Vietnam among top 10 consumers of asbestos in the world

According to a report by the US Geological Survey (USGS), Vietnam is among the top 10 asbestos consumers in the world, with 65,000 tons of the substance used in the country each year. Though asbestos has long been banned in nations across the globe due to its adverse health effects, within Vietnam its demand remains high and is, in fact, climbing. Analysts noted that Vietnam ranked ninth in asbestos use in 2011 but later soared to sixth position, consuming 79,000 tons in 2012. Though there are some who have suggested conducting more research into the health effects of asbestos before removing it from Vietnamese businesses altogether, representatives from both the Vietnam Labour Safety Association and the local Research and Training Centre for Community Development urged locals to stop the use of asbestos immediately.–warnings-about-asbestos-use.html