Vietnam may legalize marriage brokerage

Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed a law which would legalize marriage brokerage services connecting Vietnamese nationals with foreign spouses. According to Hanoi’s Research Centre for Gender and Development, 10,000 Vietnamese women wed foreign men each year, a fact which government officials are using to justify the proposed legislation, hoping to impose stricter regulations on the practice and curtail the 400 to 500 cases of human trafficking which occur as a result of these brokerages each year. At a legislative session on Tuesday, lawmakers requested that the bill further clarify its stance on the framework of legal marriage brokerage. While there is no word yet on how soon the bill could be approved, several politicians have urged the National Assembly to thoroughly examine the issue before moving to an official vote.

Photo: A knitting class in Taiwand for Vietnamese women who married Taiwanese husbands. By Nguyen Le Chi