Vietnam’s cats in danger of being dinner

While we all know dog meat is a local delicacy, it appears that Hanoi’s cats are equally in danger of turning up on a dinner plate. Despite an official ban against the practice, some restaurants in the capital offer helpings of “little tiger” fried with garlic, and demand is high enough that cats are often smuggled across the border from Laos and Thailand. At a popular restaurant in Hanoi, owners say they serve around 100 clients on a busy day. While some local families lament those pets that disappear in the night, never to return, others consider it a part of their pet’s life cycle, sending a cat to the dinner pot when it gets too old and replacing it with a kitten who will later grow up to meet the same fate.;_ylt=AwrBEiSA7tVTG0oAFtfQtDMD

Photo: AFP