Elijah Ferrian gets the scoop on what indoor trampolining entails, and learns about some of the surprising physical benefits jumping possesses. Photo by Vinh Dao.

Jump Arena is Vietnam’s first indoor trampoline park. It first opened its doors to the public in January of 2017, and is at the forefront of a new trend of trampolining activities for both kids and adults that is seeing expansion all across Asia.

When you enter Jump Arena, at 63 Xa Lo Ha Noi in Thao Dien, you have entered a different kind of place for fun. It’s the kind of space where you forget about your worries outside, and allow yourself to let go and live in the moment. It’s rather easy to do when you can literally jump multiple meters into the air, flip and fall back down all in good fun. The space is safe, cool, and perfect for an escape from the intense sun.

Trampolining is a sport that has been gaining popularity all over the world, Jump Arena hopes to bring fitness, fun and freedom – bridging sports and entertainment – to all age groups in Vietnam.

Trampoline parks have been around for awhile. They’ve been popular in the US and Australia for years now. In Asia, and specifically Vietnam, it’s only just now starting. Gane Ramachandra, director of business development for Jump Arena, has been living in Singapore for decades. That’s where the Jump Arena brand got its start. An opportunity came to develop the industry in Vietnam, and he took it. Ramachandra thinks that the opportunity to grow the market here is huge.

“We’ve always been mindful of starting off in a location that gets people started with an educated perception of what this experience can be.” Ramachandra says. “We wanted to understand the individual, corporate, and school markets that we were targeting. It’s been about a year and a half of development, and anyone who has attempted to open something [in Saigon] knows that there’s a lot of extra factors to take in while planning a business here. A lot of intangibles. We launched three months ago, and all of the preparatory work has really paid off.”

What the team at Jump Arena really wants everyone to understand, is that a trampoline park is not only limited to flying high on trampolines. The entire space is filled with multiple different activities and experiences, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced, fitting all ages and skill levels. You can dive into a giant pool of soft, forgiving foam, or trust yourself to fate as you leap and careen down onto a giant air bag. Here there is nothing to fear. It is all about exploring your agility in a fun, yet safe environment.

There are a lot of benefits that come from trampolining. It’s fun, healthy, and engaging for kids and adults. It may come packaged as a “Jump Arena” for enjoyment, but it’s definitely more than just a good time. Trampolining is a combination of gymnastics and acrobatics. The sport can rise up to a professional level, like the Olympics, and then more basic trampolining for leisure. The youngest patrons are 3-years-old and go up to 65. There’s a lot of additional activities like rock walls, obstacle courses, and that can be an exciting addition to trampoline parks.

“We have found more and more corporations and young adults coming here, in addition to families and children,” says Ramachandra. “People want to challenge themselves, and it’s evolving to be something that is about personal physical and mental growth, just as much as it is about fun.”

Jump Arena has some exciting additions on the horizon. Including a new location in District 7, even larger than the flagship one in Thao Dien.

“As we grow, we are targeting another 3 or 4 centers within Ho Chi Minh City, and outside of the city, we have big plans as well.” Ramachandra says. “As we go out of HCMC and even into Hanoi, we have noticed there are a lot of opportunities outside of the major cities. We are conscious of pricing as well, so we will keep adding more exciting stuff, and the prices will fit the amount of interaction you’d like.”

In addition to centre expansion, they are also looking to further develop their “Jump Fit” programme.

“Jump Fit is basically a fitness class that revolves around jumping on trampolines,” says Ramachandra. “It’s a high intensity, low-impact workout. It brings the fun back into being active. From a pure health perspective, trampolining burns almost 1000 calories an hour. Every 10 minutes of jumping is like 30 minutes of running, and it’s easier on your joints. Best of all: it’s fun. You don’t even realize that you’re working out.”

Jump Arena wants parents and kids able to participate in the same activities together. In other sports the parents are left sitting on the sidelines, but with trampolining everyone can play together. They’ve partnered with fitness instructor Phil Kelly of Body Expert Systems to conduct classes.

They look to develop their cafe in the future. Light snacks and coffee will help to keep kids and their parents fuelled up for as much fun physical activity as they can handle.

The Thao Dien park is open from 9am to 8pm daily. Customers are required to wear grip socks before jumping.