A lot of metal fans underestimate the talents that exist away from hot metal spots, which are mainly concentrated in the US and Europe, where it all began.

So if you ask an ordinary metal fan if he or she were at any point familiar with metal bands that come from Asia, you would definitely get a ‘no,’ which doesn’t necessarily signify narrow minds but rather indicates not being removed from what the American and European continents might consider the norm.

To be honest, it is always tough to spot good Asian metal bands that can really dig original material rather than being a copy of a copy. But if you were to stumble into one, you would raise your eyebrows to the tunes composed by some Asian metal bands for their great talent and deep understanding of such music.

Vietnam, as well as other Asian countries, possesses a great base of metal bands. Not all of them are superior for sure, but some are just great to listen to and to add to your shelves. Rarely will you find good quality bands that fuse the heavy metal genre with gothic tunes in a perfect way, as it is a simple idea on paper but a complicated one when it comes to execution.

The Vietnamese band Black Infinity have succeeded in accomplishing one of the hardest metal equations all through the years of their existence. Formed in 2006, this band knows exactly how to roll the dice in each and every track and album they’ve composed since then.

With a discography that features two full-length albums released in 2009 and 2014, this six-piece band, three of whom belong to an older Vietnamese power/speed metal band, have conquered the country to become one of the biggest Vietnamese metal bands today.

Black Infinity released their 2014 album The Illuminati of Love and Death I & II early this year, featuring 22 tracks of nothing but different heavy metal sub-genres that are fused with gothic touches. The album is crowned with beautiful cover artwork that reflects their solid metal inclination along with gothic romance.

Going through the album, there is nothing more stunning than finding yourself standing face-to-face with interesting material individually reflected in each and every track. Allow your ears to bounce between different heavy metal sub-genres and enjoy those hidden electronic tunes that will absolutely capture your ear from the first note played.

A final piece of advice: keep your ears up like a clever German shepherd, for Asia has more talents than the ordinary metal fan might think.