Lolloping down the road, tongues flapping about their chops like long strips of spam in the breeze. In single file in the midday sun in pursuit of something tasty. Cycling past, I greeted each with a hearty woof, not one took a blind bit of notice, the fourth I offered a jaunty Scooby-Doo growl… nothing; that’s focus.

Probably off to the dog-pub, couple of swifty’s, wee scratch, portion of cat chasseur and some new howls on the jukebox – here’s my wager what might have gone down…

Sheer Mag – Philadelphian 70s punk nut nuts with a funky twist that could be more akin to a Great Dane on a curry-flavoured ten-pinter. Lyrically designed to stick a red hot two-fingered poker up The Man’s ideology, their sound is bitey yet soothing. Hidden behind the 70s angst are four high school buddies fronted by vocalist Christina Halliday who blurts on the crowd’s favourite, Button Up, “You don’t know who you’re tanglin’ with/ I’m a bad bitch if I please,” They’ve kept for the best part of 2015 under the media’s en-masse radar, but we’ve been following them with gusto, and reckon they’ll either smash down a few walls in 2016 or just park up next to them and have a fag.

The KVB’s – In Deep was Wake n Bake’s Track of the Week recently. It comes from the awesome new album Of Desire due out 11 March via Invada. The Berlin-based duo Kat Day and Nicholas Wood revive a darkwave romantic moody hunk-of-love vibe with a crusty shoegaze sound dipped in rich Portishead gravy. In Deep has a ‘definite romantic undercurrent’ to which Day expands on Woods words, ‘it’s about longing to be with someone and getting lost in a world you create together’.

Vant are a four-piece band based in London. Originally from Sunderland, front man Mattie Vant is not shy to suggest they rant with a political edge born from worldly issues as opposed to strictly homegrown. On the road for most of 2015 they’ve billed with Royal Blood and InHeaven. We can’t get enough of singles; Do You Know Me? And Parking Lot – most definitely looking forward to an album. Indie/ punk overdosed with the right amount of grunge pop to keep 2016 theirs? – We reckon!

Mogwai’s new album Atomic is accompanied by a film documentary on the dawning of the atomic age which aired on the BBC last year – the album is fuelled by their tour to Japan where they played in Hiroshima’s peace park. Atomic comes out 1st April via Rock Action Records –  lead single ‘U-235’ is digitally available now.

Enjoy your meal.