For over 20 years, Xuan has been changing the lives of disadvantaged children all over Vietnam. Taking the view that humanitarian support is neither a job nor a trend, but a passion and a way of life, they believe that education is the route to breaking down the barriers of poverty. And their latest project WASH, is improving education with water, sanitation and hygiene.

Founded by Chan Tran Tien, a French Viet Kieu, Xuan is named after a young street girl he had a chance meeting with when visiting Vietnam in 1992. He bought a fan from her, and in return she bought him lunch. This random meeting and expression of her generosity made a lasting impression, and on his return to France he founded Association Xuan, the Children of the Future.

Believing that every child should have access to a basic education, Xuan supports multiple projects in provinces up and down the country.

In Danang they have built Family 4, a stable and secure home for 30 orphans aged between 6 and eighteen. The home provides a caring environment, and the children have access to education from kindergarten to university.

In the Mekong, they support the Thien An Center, helping some of the most disadvantaged children of Can Tho and its surrounding areas gain access to quality education and the opportunity to thrive in life. In Nha Trang, Phu Vang and Kon Tom, they provide multiple scholarships for children at risk, often unable to complete their education.

Support provided by Xuan covers all necessary costs related to a child’s education, such as tuition, supplies, uniforms, bicycles and food. It encourages parents to keep their children at school, by reducing the financial burden education can place on the family, and lessens the risk of children dropping out at an early age.

By making access to education both possible and affordable, children are both empowered and encouraged to work towards a brighter future.

With their newest initiative, WASH, Xuan is improving educational for disadvantaged children by reshaping their learning environment with water, sanitation and hygiene. And the help of a golden throne.

In Vietnam, millions of children go to school without running water or toilet facilities.

For these underprivileged children, toilets are literally worth their weight in gold. Inadequate sanitation at schools not only affects children’s health and wellbeing, it also prevents them from reaching their full potential.

When there is no toilet, bacteria spread quickly and children get sick. When children get sick, they miss school. When children miss school, they don’t get an education. Without an education, children will never break their cycle of poverty.

Working with local partners, Xuan has installed running water and toilet facilities in six schools. They have provided teachers with the training and learning resources to introduce essential hygiene practices to children at an early age.

Just $50 provides one child with access to water and toilet facilities at school, improving their health and boosting their potential for a better life than their parents.