Are you a Zerowaster or Minimailst Lady and curious about it?

At the Zerowaster or Minimailst Lady workshop, 10am-12pm 23rd September, you will discover the benefits of veganism, wholefood plant-based diets, minimalism, and conscious consumerism. House of Chay has been the leading business in empowering people to lead healthy, enriched lives full of love: love for yourself, the people around you, and our planet.


The following sharing and discussions will be held:

“Vegan Mission Impossible” – Raghu Rai – Life time vegetarian and a successful business man from the Bay Area.

“What is Zerowaste? Who is a Minimalist Lady? “- Trang Nguyen – CEO and Founder of House of Chay.

“Cooking vegan – easy or hard?” – Lucy Johnson – Vegan Chef from London.

“Vegan – strong or weak?” – Lam Quach – Vegan Model & Founder of Veganroar.

Together with 49 guests from the media, influencers and HOC loyalty customers, we would like you to take time and enjoy the plant-based finger food and healthy drinks prepared especially for you by House of Chay. There will also be small gift bags consist of the latest products in HOC Zerowaste Collection.



House of Chay was initially founded in 2016 as a vegetarian kitchen that cooks and delivers nutritious vegetarian food all over Saigon. Within a year, thanks to the amazing support from our amazing customers, we became one of the most well-known kitchens, established our own farms, feeding thousands of people every day and spread nutritious vegetarian cuisine to a wide audience.

Always embracing the Zero Waste & conscious living principle since the beginning, it is only natural that we became The Online Supermarket for The Conscious Home. Now at House of Chay, you can find everything for your family’s eco-needs, from natural personal care & home care products to the newest sustainable, biodegradable consumer goods; all conveniently delivered to you.

HOC continues to be the leader of the conscious consumerism movement through our well-received

community events such as:

“Quit Plastic – Brush Bamboo Photoshoot” in which hundreds of beautiful people posed with eco-friendly products to spread the message that touched thousands.

“Swap plastic for bamboo” we cooperated with local coffee shops and restaurants sharing our eco-friendly values to hold pop-up events and exchange hundreds of plastic toothbrushes for our bamboo toothbrushes. The events received tremendous supports from the community.

“Reusable – No excuse for single use” receive discounts for using HOC biodegradable, reusable bamboo mugs, lunch boxes or grocery bags to shop at the HOC website or our local business partners.