A fusion café and bistro in District 3 offering affordable and filling lunch sets. Ruben Luong visits Znap Cafe. Photos by Fred Wissink.

Znap! is a café and bistro with a “Zpecial” range of Italian, Chinese, Thai and fast-food cuisine. Next to DeciBel Lounge on Phan Ke Binh, it provides another artsy gathering place, hosting “Znappy Hours” before 9pm. Its quiet interior and laid-back terrace are smart but no-fuss, and conducive to productive lunches or drinks.

Its menu, labelled under more Znap! puns, starts with simple comfort sandwiches, like peanut butter (VND 19,000) or ham and cheese (VND 29,000). Small plates of specialty finger foods are the most expensive, but perhaps the most savoury, and include German sausage (VND 69,000) and deep-fried butter shrimp (VND 89,000).

Every day there are three different options for the lunch set. Lunch sets at Znap! are priced at VND 49,000 (VND 69,000 for a drink combo), such as Thai red curry with roasted duck and rice, tomyam soup with noodles, or pad see ew fried noodles on Fridays.

We sat outside near the drink bar on a Tuesday afternoon, sipping on tall glasses of fresh guava and strawberry juices (VND 29,000-39,000). Choosing from the Tuesday lunch set, consisting of pla pad prik (fish), ka pao kai (chicken), or tomyam (seafood), we settled on the latter two.

The ka pao kai, stir-fried chicken with basil and crushed peppers, came with rice crowned in an egg prepared sunny side up. Hues of red, green, and yellow made it appetising on the plate. Each element of the dish was given the right portion size, which made it not too light and not too filling.

Next, the tomyam seafood soup was a generous bowl filled with mushrooms, vegetables, octopus, and slices of squid all the way to the brim, swimming under a hot and spicy Thai broth. We sipped the broth in leisurely spoonfuls, and we could feel the burn in our stomachs.

Fortunately, Znap! has a menu of extensive yoghurt drinks or smoothies to help pacify the spiciness, like the Aloe Vera Orange yoghurt drink (VND 39,000) or Tropical Tease smoothie (VND 59,000). The MixBerry yoghurt drink (VND 39,000) was particularly creamy and refreshing. It was something the Znap! staff would definitely “Znapcommend.”

85 Phan Ke Binh, D1
08 39 10 04 33, delivery available
8am-10pm, seven days